Blantyre FOSS Users Group has been formed with the following objectives in mind:

i . to promote knowledge sharing and networking among FOSS users in Blantyre and the surrounding areas through peer-to-peer training and mentoring

ii . to advocate for the adoption of the usage of free and open source software in various sectors in Malawi e.g. in government, businesses, education institutions etc as an alternative to the highly priced and “closed” licensed proprietary software.

iii . to promote a software development culture in Malawi instead of relying on importing software that can be used in various sectors like banking, telecommunications etc as is currently the case. FOSS provides several software development tools that can be used to develop complex software right here in Malawi

iv . to promote a culture of computer literacy in Malawi in general by providing computer literacy training lessons on a volunteer basis to Malawians who do not have even know the basics of how to use a computer